You know your product. We know marketing strategy and content development.

So why are you struggling with these issues? Let us just solve them for you.

Great content marketing today relies on four components: It must be CONSISTENT, CONCISE, COMPELLING and CONVERTIBLE into multiple channels. And if you don't do that for a living, the task can seem daunting.

But, since we actually do this for a living, we have a unique process that simplifies the matter. We will work with people around your organization to gather the information we need, produce great material, and make it easy for you to distribute in multiple channels.

We have programs that are ideally priced for three types of companies:

  1. Firms that need to launch (or re-launch) their marketing program.

  2. More mature companies that have reached the point where they want to expand and create their own internal Press Room.

  3. The more ambitious outfits that desire a whole Broadcast Operations Center.

Give us 22 minutes and we'll show you what you can do with your budget.

A minor-league baseball mascot, ski resort PR flak, tech writer, agency head, entrepreneur, software marketer, MBA faculty member, philanthropist, small town sportswriter, giant corporate marketer, global traveler, roller hockey goalie and more. About the only things we haven't done is learn to play a musical instrument or scale an ice wall.

But through it all, there's been a consistent thread. Write and write more.

Some people think they can outsource that writing to elance or another low-budget freelance site. And some people can.

But technology has advanced and now the ability to publish material worth reading is more important than ever. Your potential customers want to hear the story behind your product, not just the features. They expect to learn something from you if they are going to give you their email address. 

Some companies fear this transformation. Others embrace their ability to control the message and develop their own newsrooms. We're here to bring our marketing, storytelling and media experience to you, so you can take advantage of how customers consume media. 

It's taken us 20 years, but we've developed a unique process that is repeatable, effective and cost efficient. Give us three months, and we'll share this process with you, so you can turn your content strategy around.

Every marketing department has different requirements. Whether it's video email, animation, presentations, marketing collateral, live studio production or any other media you can imagine, we know the right people to call. With 20+ years in the industry, our rolodex is filled with trusted partners.

Open Positions

Junior Copywriter

You can spin a yarn, tell a tale and impress us with your wit. You work quickly,getting tone right the 1st or 2nd draft.


  • 3-5 writing samples.
  • Ability to work unsupervised but within a process.
  • Desire to take on additional work and make a name for yourself.

Junior Video Producer

You grew up with an iMac and can produce simple videos like a real director. From talking head interviews, to YouTube webcasts to quick music videos, you are able to show off your myriad skills.



  • Knowledge of standard video editing programs.
  • A keen eye for what makes for compelling video for targeted audiences.
  • The ability to produce quickly and professionally for corporate clients.


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